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Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed Money

| June 17, 2019

Today as I was reviewing our monthly video that was about to be sent out. I thought you know it has been a while since I did that myself......

What was it you ask? This months video is about looking for unclaimed money. 

I am sure glad I personally decided to do a quick check! I went to and put in my name and town. I found $217.25 for a couple of seconds work. Evidentially my old homeowners policy issued me a premium refund and for some reason the check never made it to me. 

That website took me straight to the Texas comptrollers office and let me send in a claim. Now I just have to gather some paperwork and send it in.

So check out our latest video and hopefully you can pick up some money off the ground too. If you aren't getting our videos just drop me a email and I will get you added to the list.

Good Luck