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Market Volatility

Market Volatility

| June 04, 2019

What do we need to do about volatility in the stock market? We have been hearing more questions on the ups and downs in the stock market in the last few months, than we have in all of the last year. When you look at the talking heads on TV, it seems they all are preaching gloom and doom and so it is no wonder people are concerned.

The truth is there is no crystal ball to stock market investing. If you took economics 101 in college, you learned about market cycles and global markets.Those basic ideas hold true. There will be market cycles and different sectors will perform differently based on what part of the cycle the economy is currently in.

That being said, no matter where we are in the market cycle, it is persistently a good idea to set goals for yourself and to develop a plan to achieve those goals. We believe successful investing begins with a goal and a plan. Market fluctuations may cause us to adapt that plan so we do carefully watch the markets but the goal will never be achieved if you don't reach for it. So we set goals, develop a plan, implement the plan, monitor the plan and continually strive to deliver better outcomes for investors.

No matter what your goals are. No matter what the markets are doing. We do our best to offer solutions that can help. We've managed through all kinds of markets, the up, the down and the sideways and we always try to prepare for what is around the corner.

Frank E. Wilson


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