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Had to breakout this morning

Had to breakout this morning

| April 06, 2020

Well for the first time in forever, I left the house and went to Walmart to pick up our order. We got milk, eggs and vegetables but I see some people are still buying mountains of food, There were a couple of people buying so much that I wondered how it was all going to fit into their SUVs. 

I hope all of y’all are staying safe. We have basically limited our daily contact to us and the kids. Everyone else is phone and email. It kind of seemed strange to even be driving to Walmart. Wal-Mart didn't have everything I ordered but we have more than enough.

I did follow the new guidelines on mask wearing. The kids have a 3D printer that I appropriated and made a mask with from thingerverse. I modified it slightly for my size. I really felt strange talking to the Walmart guy with a mask on but if it keeps us all safe I guess I will go with it.

We are definitely living in interesting times. I thought I would share a selfie of myself waiting in line with my new fashion accessory so you all could have a good laugh today.