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End of the Bull Market?

End of the Bull Market?

| March 09, 2020

This could be the official end of the long running bull market. 

If you are watching the news:

OPEC had a fight between Russia and Saudi Arabia sinking oil prices overnight. It was a violent selloff and oil was down 20% on this jump.

Corona virus has spread everywhere or so it seems. People are staying at home and working from home and almost nobody wants to take a cruise.

The stock market suspended trading this morning. The circuit breakers kicked in and told everyone to take a breath for 15 minutes.

There is talk of the fed cutting rates to zero and that has not happened before.

And that is just for starters......

It is a scary time to be invested

Know that we are still focusing on quality funds and your investment goals. We worked together and designed your portfolios with that in mind, your goals and high quality investments. None of those fundamentals have changed. 

Know that we are watching the markets and doing our best to look over your accounts and the funds in them. If we see changes are needed you will be getting a call.

If you just want to sit down and go over your accounts, let us know and we will set up a meeting.